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Netflix Releases Lost in Space 2018 Trailer

posted March 06, 2018 by: UOFSF

Breathtaking is one of the words which can be used to describe Netflix's take on the old Space Family Robinson story and we cannot wait for April 13th to arrive so we can binge watch the entire. 10 episode, first season. Read more...

Join Forces with UniverseOfSciFi

posted October 12, 2017 by: UOFSF

Welcome to the only grass-roots, crowd-sourced, constantly evolving science fiction portal created for all who love science fiction and wish to share their science fiction creations with....wait for it....the Universe! Read more...

The Last Jedi Trailer has Dropped

posted October 10, 2017 by: UOFSF

It looks fantastic! And the fanboys have started offering breakdowns of what you will see, so choose wisely what to believe. Read more...

Star Trek Discovery Misses the Mark

posted September 25, 2017 by: UOFSF

While the first two episodes were visually stunning, Star Trek Discovery had me yearning for the opening episodes of Deep Space 9 and Voyager. Read more...

Louisiana ComicCon

posted September 14, 2017 by: UOFSF

We're looking forward to attending the Louisiana ComicCon this weekend at the CajunDome Convention Center in Lafayette! Read more...

Batman Star Adam West Dies

posted June 10, 2017 by: UOFSF

This morning we were saddened to hear of the passing of Adam West who died after a short fight with leukemia. Read more...

Building the Polar Lights 350th Scale Star Trek TOS Enterprise

posted May 26, 2017 by: UOFSF

In this series I'll be chronicling the build of the Round 2 / Polar Lights 1/350th Star Trek TOS Enterprise, including adding enhancements in the form of photo-etch parts (Paragraphix) and electronics (a basic Arduino setup for lighting and to turn the Bussard collectors). Read more...

Discovery is Ready to Go

posted May 18, 2017 by: UOFSF

CBS is showing off a full trailer for Star Trek: Discovery with a clip filled with new characters, action and spaceships. 

The Orville Looks to Put Fun Twist on SciFi

posted May 17, 2017 by: UOFSF

Multi-talented Seth MacFarlane and director John Favreau have teamed up to bring what hopes to be funny science fiction to our big screen TV's. Read more...

Show Us Your SciFi Stuff

posted May 15, 2017 by: UOFSF

Create the Universe! The UniverseOfSciFi.com wants you to share your science fiction stories, models, cosplay and reviews! Read more...

Welcome to the UniverseOfSciFi.com!

Look at UOFSF as a huge canvas on which you can paint your sci-fi fantasies.

UniverseOfSciFi.com is a grass-roots, crowd-sourced science fiction portal created for all who love the science fiction genre.

If you're a sculptor, writer, film maker, reviewer, model builder, costume designer, cosplayer or artist we want you to make this your home. A place where you can show off your talents and skills. A place where you can collaborate and coexist. A place where you can explore the possibilities of the sci-fi universe! [insert maniacal laughter here]

Let us share a little fantasy of our own with you...

Gilbert had finsihed his semi-comedic short story about the small colony of humans escaping the reaches of the dying local system on their way to planets discovered near Proxima Centauri hundreds of years ago. This brilliant little slice-of-life story was posted to UOFSF.com and gained popularity quickly.

As a matter of fact, about a week after posting, a model builder, Tim, posts pictures of his latest scratch-building effort - a very detailed model of the Harkener; the ship featured in Gilbert's story. Other artists and designers join forces to flesh out Gilbert's story. Soon there are costumes for the travelers, artist renditions of the ship and Arduino-based emulators of the electronic equipment. A fan-film mey be in the making!

Pretty cool, huh?

Perhaps you're a costume designer and really into cosplay. You can share your gallery with the world....uh, er....universe! Want to be a critical reviewer of sci-fi books, television and movies? Write on! Model maker? Show 'em if you build 'em!

UOFSF will let you choose the level of interaction you want. Want people to comment on your work? You can do that. Want to enable ratings? You'll be able to do that too. More features are planned (they'll be added quickly) and suggestions are truly welcome.

Ready to get started?