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Netflix Releases Lost in Space 2018 Trailer

Netflix Releases Lost in Space 2018 Trailer

posted March 06, 2018 by: UOFSFedit tags

Breathtaking is one of the words which can be used to describe Netflix's take on the old Space Family Robinson story and we cannot wait for April 13th to arrive so we can binge watch the entire. 10 episode, first season.

The trailer gives so many tantalizing clues. Is the robot alien? Did Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) stow away on the Jupiter 2? Is this take on the story going to be the dramatic tale originally envisioned in the 1960's first season of Irwin Allen's Lost in Space?

More importantly: will fans of the original series flock to Netflix to watch the new series?

Any tiime you re-imagine a beloved series you run the risk of alienating those who believe things should never change and the story should not be retold. The problem with this is the original Lost in Space was knocked off-course, just as the Jupiter II was, after the first season when the studio decided the series needed to compete with the more colorful (and newly introduced) shows like Batman and Star Trek. Seasons two and three of Lost in Space took a very decided turn towards brightly colored campy skits with little of the danger or intrigue presented in the first season. Dr. Smith became a caricature with more and more of the stories having him setup by Will, the straight man. The aliens became more circus-like and less ominous. Ostensibly there was no satisfying end to the show where our heroes find a way home. Just cancellation.

Here the writers and producers have a new opportunity to find a way through all of the struggle to put the puzzle pieces together. Perhaps Aeolus 14 Umbra (under this or some other name) will come to life as the sinister organization trying to thwart the efforts of the Robinsons and mankind in general. And finally perhaps they find a way home, either back on Earth where survival looks more hopeful than it had been or on their new home, along with other colonists where the future looks bright.

Will the way home, be it Earth or somewhere else, be the arc of the story? Or will the Robinsons, as told in the original book, part ways eventually with some staying in their newfound paradise while others make their way back from where they came? Look to the first ten episodes from Netflix to set the tone and give clues to the fate of the crew!