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Show Us Your SciFi Stuff

Show Us Your SciFi Stuff

posted May 15, 2017 by: UOFSFedit tags

Create the Universe! The UniverseOfSciFi.com wants you to share your science fiction stories, models, cosplay and reviews!

As we scour the Internet your Tweets have caught our eye. Your Facebook posts have wowed us. We've read your books and laughed along with your fantastical short-stories. We've really admired your attention to detail in your models, scratch-builds and artwork.

In short, we want you to share all of that with the science fiction Universe!

"Why share?", you ask.

On UniverseOfSciFi.com you'll be amongst friends who love and live science fiction. You'll touch folks who love a good story. You'll help someone else to learn how to create their sci-fi gadgets. You'll engage and entertain others.

Show us your stuff!