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Star Trek Discovery Misses the Mark

Star Trek Discovery Misses the Mark

posted September 25, 2017 by: UOFSFedit tags

While the first two episodes were visually stunning, Star Trek Discovery had me yearning for the opening episodes of Deep Space 9 and Voyager.

Firstly, why the need to recreate the Klingons? It feels as if there has not only been a genetic shift in their appearance, but shift in their culture. This could be accounted for somewhat by Discovery's timeline (somewhere between Enterprise and TOS in the "prime" timeline) but iit is such a jarring departure from Klingons we became familiar with in Enterprise that it makes no sense.

Then there is Michael Burnham (played stiffly by Sonequa Martin-Green), a human who is raised by Spock's parents. To my recollection, Spock never mentions a step-sister but it is promised this character will somehow tie up some loose ends we've been left wondering about since the 1960's where Spock, his family and his planet are concerned. Her awkward attempts to become more human after her intense Vulcan upbringing are uncomfortable to watch.

I understand that character development can take a while but I found most of the characters in the first two episodes either boring or unlikeable. I found it hard to connect with or identify with any of the characters, making the show harder to watch. 

Even some subtle changes in acting and storyline can vastly improve the show, but I expect those changes will take some time to achieve. I'll keep watching and, should things change, I'll write an updated review.