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posted October 12, 2017 by: UOFSF

Welcome to the only grass-roots, crowd-sourced, constantly evolving science fiction portal created for all who love science fiction and wish to share their science fiction creations with....wait for it....the Universe!

Like Steve Jobs we see the genius of what you do.  The story writers, model builders, cosplayers, reviewers and film producers who think and act differently than the norm. The authors who see hope in a dystopian future. The designers and hackers who put it all together to create the new and unseen.

On a more personel note: This little project came out of desire to share my science fiction model builds and my desire to write a short-story or two (as yet unpublished here, because I am spending some time reworking them). Maybe do a movie preview or review or two. In general, just have fun with a genre I really love and have loved ever since I saw my first episodes of Lost in Space and Batman. Others I spoke to had the same desire and suggested I open up the possibility to a wider audience - the group of people who share my love of all things sci-fi. I held on to the domain name for a long time until all of this gelled inside my brain. All of the features for the site are not in place yet as it is a very small crew and I am the only developer, but the next items on the list are the ability to rate content and the ability to comment on content (content authors will decide if they will allow this on each of their posts).

What we'd really like is to hear from you at universeofscifi@gmail.com. Your suggestions, critiques and questions are all important to us.

We look forward to you signing up and dipping your toes in the ephemeral water. The Universe is yours!